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Trust Factory wants you to succeed. We work closely with your team to complete the analysis process using DNA, from data collection through management briefings.

Data Collection Support

Assistance during DNA Data Collection
Trust Factory staff assists the customer in performing the DNA data collection. A successful data collection requires specific log settings on the Domino servers. Therefore, Trust Factory recommends that customers first perform a collection test. Trust Factory will process the collected test data, and will then give feedback to the customer about settings that require adjustment. These log settings are also documented in the DNA Collection Requirements Documentation, available here on Trust Factory’s website.

If ever the log settings require adjustment, Trust Factory will execute the final data collection 7 days afterwards,  to allow the Domino servers to build up their log data with the new settings in place. Once the final data collection has taken place, the collector utility is uploaded to the data warehouse at Trust Factory.

Office Locations for End Users and Servers
Trust Factory assists the customer in producing an overview of the office locations for all end users and Domino servers. Usually the office locations are recorded in the Person documents of the Domino Directory. In the event that this is not the case, alternative data sources may be used to produce this overview. A proper match between the end users and their office locations is important for the success of the DNA analysis. Trust Factory cannot assume any responsibility for incorrect or missing data in this area.

Urgent Directory and Database Anomalies
When processing the collected data from the customer environment, it sometimes happens that DNA encounters anomalies in the data recorded in the Domino Directory or database attributes. In the event that these anomalies are considered urgent, Trust Factory will contact the customer and discuss how to deal with these situations.

Management Briefings

First DNA Analysis
A first management briefing will take place within three to four weeks after a successful data collection has taken place. During the briefing, Trust Factory will report DNA results to the customer along with relevant observations, conclusions, and recommendations.

Second DNA Analysis
In some cases, the customer may request a second DNA Analysis to a focus on measuring the impact of the changes that the customer has implemented since the first DNA analysis. Due to the dependency on planning and work performed by the customer, it is not possible to plan this second DNA in advance. The documentation and presentation of the second DNA Analysis will be offered separately.

IBM is using Trust Factory Solution world wide

Following a succesful pilot project with Trust Factory, IBM acquired a world wide license to our DNA solution in mid 2012.
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