Q : In what context should I think of Trust Factory?
A : The answer would consist of 3 area's
Q : What does Trust Factory offer with DNA®?
A : We offer:

Q : Is DNA from Trust Factory a software or a service ?

A : DNA is a service and requires no complex installation processes.

Q : How can I understand in a nutshell the added value of Trust Factory ?
A : Below is a real customer Consolidation/Optimization example in a nutshell :
Q : How does DNA work?

A : DNA is a service. So we work in the following order:

  1. Define focus
  2. Collect data
  3. Process data in the data warehouse at Trust Factory
  4. Build reports and findings
  5. Present findings and conclusion to management
  6. Deliver the original reports and data
Total time span for the above is 14 days.

Q : What does the price consist of?
A : The price depends on the number of users. We ignore servers, databases, locations, etc in our pricing.

Q : Do we need Trust Factory Consultants onsite?
A : No. All reports and data will be delivered by email and conference call. If customer prefers Trust Factory to be onsite we will of course send consultants to the site.

Q : What is the relationship of Trust Factory with IBM?
A : Trust Factory is an IBM Business Partner and has a Global Master Agreement with IBM. Trust Factory collaborates very often with IBM worldwide.

Q : What kind of customers does Trust Factory have?
A : Trust Factory has customers worlwide. Most of them in the USA and Europe. More then half is part of the Fortune 500 Companies. More about Trust Factory references here...

IBM is using Trust Factory Solution world wide

Following a succesful pilot project with Trust Factory, IBM acquired a world wide license to our DNA solution in mid 2012.
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