Trust Factory B.V. is a strategic partner of IBM. When major accounts need expert advice concerning their Notes environment, IBM calls on Trust Factory. To read more about the way IBM and Trust Factory work together, consider taking a look at this brochure from IBM Software Services.Trust Factory and IBM have managed to build up an impressive track record of successful consolidation projects worldwide (see DNA Customers).
If you are an IBM consultant or Sales Manager, and you wish to engage in a DNA Network Analysis with your customer, please contact our sales team (email) or go to our DNA for IBM Program page.

Trust Factory has a Global Master Agreement with IBM.  
- IBM Supplier Number 1000216663
- IBM Global Master Agreement Number 4902NL0239


The Penumbra Group is a select group of Lotus Business Partners who have pooled technical resources and management skills to create the ideal Notes provider network.Together with Trust Factory, Penumbra delivers the full skill set thinkable within Lotus Notes / Domino environments, and can bring it to each project which requires expert knowledge. Currently over twenty Penumbra member companies worldwide are providing a full range of Notes services to hundreds of clients.

IBM is using Trust Factory Solution world wide

Following a succesful pilot project with Trust Factory, IBM acquired a world wide license to our DNA solution in mid 2012.
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