Reducing Network Traffic

Within each DNA® project, we make a significant effort to spot opportunities for the customer to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We have developed specific analysis templates to help with this process. Heavy Users.

Heavy Users
One example involves the analysis of excessive demand patterns – otherwise known as “heavy users.”
In mid-2007, Trust Factory developed a new analysis topic inside DNA that identifies end users with excessive demand patterns. The example below shows how this new algorithm revealed a spectacular savings opportunity within a German office location of a DNA reference customer.
Where the network monitoring tools at the customer indicated sustained traffic of 3 to 4 megabit in the afternoon hours, with occasional spikes of above 10 megabit, DNA's Heavy User Analysis revealed that the vast majority of this network traffic was being caused by only two end users (of the 193 end users in this location).

The chart above shows the effect that two end users had on the network because they thought it was necessary to download a complete backup of their mail file every 5 minutes. After addressing the workstation setup of these two users, the load dropped to levels below 512 kilobits per second, thus enabling the customer to consolidate the server away from this location.

Network Compression
Since release 6 of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, an important feature that compresses the network traffic between servers and Notes clients has been available. While network compression in Lotus Notes and Domino reduces network traffic significantly (up to 40%), this feature only works if it is enabled on all Domino servers and on each individual Notes desktop. DNA analysis results show that many users do not have this feature enabled.
DNA can identify which end users and servers do not have network compression enabled. DNA can also calculate the compression benefits that can be achieved. With the DNA results, customers can take immediate follow-up to ensure that the entire environment takes advantage of this powerful feature.

The chart above shows the results that a Swiss multinational achieved after enabling network compression for all end users and Domino servers. During the original analysis, DNA calculated a savings potential of 40.6%. After the customer enabled compression across their environment, the second – post-project – DNA revealed that they achieved an actual reduction of 40.2% in network traffic.

Additional Analysis Topics
In addition to the examples presented above, DNA performs analysis in other areas such as mail routing and user activity on databases, mail files and applications. All savings opportunities that DNA identifies provide the customer with a clear insight into the actual savings potential as well as the effort that would be required to achieve those savings.


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