Optimizing System Activity

Similar to DNA®’s ability to identify Heavy Users and Databases, DNA has several analysis topics that identify and eliminate unwanted or excessive levels of system activity. This kind of excessive activity is usually caused by system accounts, server-based agents that trigger excessive replication levels, and document updates.
The example below shows how an analysis of worldwide replication traffic revealed a situation where the public directory of a customer was responsible for more than 50% of global replication traffic.

Detailed replication events for this example that DNA identified on a server in Holland showed that a faulty scheduled agent was modifying Person documents, thus causing all the excessive traffic.

Large numbers of updates in the Domino Directories may cause significant degradation in the performance of the Domino server (name-lookups), or may cause the Mobile Directory Catalog (MDC) to initiate excessive replication of documents towards the mobile or remote end users.

Apart from degradation in server performance, these high numbers of document updates also are a common cause for network congestion among remote user locations.


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