Sample Customer Report

Report samples

Here you will discover some datasets that we have delivered to our Customers. All data is of course anonymized.

The next few screenshots will highlite the deliverables in the context of User Segmentation. One should note that these are screenshots. The delivery and research is done with dynamic data and there is the possibility to drill down into details at anytime.

This data can be used for Migration planning, Optimization planning, investigating hybride Cloud environments and this data is used to deliver IT ressources only there where it is needed.

The colours in the graph represent the database types:
Applications :               in red
Domino Directory:       in green
Mailfile:                          in blue
Mailin Database:          in yellow
System database:      
in light blue

The total number of databases are always marked in the top right.

The bigger the bubble the more Lotus Notescusers have touched the database.

The X and Y-axis are logscales!

Database Replication Analysis Sample

Database Demand sample


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