Application Challenge

Applications – Who is using what?

Trust Factory analyses the real end user demand on Applications. By NOT looking at the Applications in place but looking at it’s real demand by end users we can see which Apps are relevant and which ones are not…

All databases in a company can be plotted against their usage, size, performance, etc. Putting all the dimensions in one place allows us to build very precise Migration Planning data aswell as sizing data for the future environment.

Applications - Landscape inventory

• Databases depoyed on all Domino Servers
• Detect Application performance flaws
-Filter unique Replica ID's
-Replica ID's minus mail and system database
-Replica ID's actually touched
*List real application usage and potential decommision list
• Cluster Analysis on Application landscape

Cluster Plotting

Since Trust Factory always looks from the real end user demand we have exceptional reporting capabilities plotting the entire end user demand and behaviour in one overview called Cluster Plotting.


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