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Within Lotus Notes a lot of savings can be achieved. These savings are well hidden in your infrastructure. Trust Factory can visualize those savings and can assist you with critical projects such as Server Consolidation. 

Trust Factory can analyze the tangible benefits of Upgrading to version 8.5.

Many Lotus Notes organizations struggle to build their business case for Upgrading to 8.5.x. Still, the savings are important and are indeed very tangible. Trust Factory can compute DAOS savings for example...

Trust Factory can analyze the optimization potential within your Lotus Notes investment today.

Over time, a collaborative IT environment evolves as it matures and changes. In a relatively short period your Lotus Notes environment will almost certainly have changed substantially in some of the following areas:

* Rapid increases in size or activity of your user community.
* Increased integration with external systems.
* Increased number of mobile and remote users.
* Dramatic increases in storage requirements that lead to strains on archiving and backup systems.

To continually address these challenges, as well as evolving business needs, periodic health checks are essential to fight high TCO. These Health Checks will provide you with the necessary information to understand important cost drivers in managed operations such as network infrastructure, hardware, software and administration. Trust Factory Health Checks makes Optimization visible.

Trust Factory can calculate in very great detail the Consolidation potential and Consolidation Project per office location.

Consolidating Lotus Notes environments is part of the core business of Trust Factory. Calculating the Network requiremetns per office location together with optimization potential results in a risk free and highly optimized Domino network. We can deal with Messaging and Application Consolidation Projects as one or as seperate projects. Please click here to learn more about Trust Factory Consolidation Projects...


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