Migration Analysis

Optimizing Lotus Notes and Cleaning up is an absolute first step to avoid Migrating unneeded elements. A second step is to detect project risks. These risks are hiding in your Notes environment today and are expressed in Software/Hardware issues or in misconfigurations resulting in excesssive end user demand. Third step is to understand how users are consume mail and applications today. Understanding this will allow you to size your future environment precisely against that optimized user demand.

How is Trust Factory different from the analysis done by MS Business Partners?

Other Vendors look in the database properties. These Analysis take the Application as the center of the universe. Trust Factory takes the end user as the center of the universe. Clearly, this leads to extremely precise data with no missing links.... In the end, we capture the end user behaviour from each and every individual in your Lotus Notes environment. This allows us to build a complete view on how end users 'consume IT'. This 'consumption' is then used to build very close to the mark sizing parameters for your future environment.


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