Going Cloud

  • Trust Factory will determine the 'Cloud readiness'
  • Trust Factory will provide detailled user segmentation

  • Trust Factory will provide detailled Application segmentation

  • Trust Factory can determine the 'hybrid option' (Rich Client users aswell as web users)

What is on the Cloud menu today?
Lotuslive - Web based client with the infrastructure in the Cloud
Google - The inventors of the Cloud. Fully web based client with infrastructure in the Cloud (today the infrastructure is based in the USA only...)
BPOS - This one is more like a 'semi Cloud' solution. A Rich Client in the front and the infrastructure in the Cloud.

What is User Segmentation the Trust Factory way?

Trust Factory looks at the real end user demand in Lotus Notes today. It can see what end users are really consuming and what they are really demanding. These demand patterns from end users are translated in Management Reports. A first step is labelling each user as follows:
- Web user
- Client user AND web user
- Client user, Mail and App
- Client user, Mail only
- Client user, App only
- iNotes user
- iNotes user AND Client user
- etc

Why is User Segmentation so critical today?
One can only move forward with strategic decisions and cost reduction policies by understanding your end users. What part is using webmail versus the rich client usage? Can I move my users into the Cloud the way they behave today? Can I actually consider a hybrid environment where I only move those users to the Cloud that are meeting the profile requirements?

How does user demand influence Migration decisions?
By understanding what user is using what, we are not there yet... We can also plot how intensively they use mail and applications. So we can see what they use, but also how heavily. Clearly, we want to be carefull moving knowledge workers around…They may experience problems if you move them into a Cloud technology without understanding their real demand and needs.

Customers know that the user demand today will be the same after whatever change they intent to apply. Trust Factory uses 'super infrastructure' data to help Customers understand their user installbase as it is today. Cluster Plotting is used for most of the report sets and at any time Trust Factory can dive into detail where needed.

Default criteria for a ‘ready to go into the Cloud’ end user
- Mail only user
- Mail only, power users (extra recommended)
- Mail user that uses Mail and Applications that are fit for webenabling
- Web only user

Moving into the Cloud as a ‘Big Bang’ is challenging. The Trust Factory analysis will quantify for you wich users can go into the Cloud short term, and wich users will require a long term Cloud strategy. Evolving into the Cloud is a process and it is just for that reason Trust Factory becomes an absolute requirement to plan and Monitor this process while mitigating the risk. Your real end user demand, storage, network capacity, geographical locations, database landscape and Application usage becomes an extreem complex symfony of datasets that influence one another. If you touch one it could hurt the other… Only a complete fact based overview with contextual data can guarantee a right decision aswell as a succesfull Project.

iNotes gets the same analysis treatment as any other ‘Cloud Study’.

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